Give Up Robot is a very addictive flash game which is originally developed by Adult Swing. Give up robot is been developed specially for those people who love to play frustrating puzzle games like Cat Mario. This game is been released in many different versions but here on our website you will experience an awesome game-play of original version of give up robot game.

At first when I saw this game I thought, man this game has dumb graphics but when I start playing this game, my excitement was increasing by passing every level. I was very amazed this game is totally different while comparing to it’s graphics. The developers of this game have done a great job. This game could gone viral if it had some improved graphic. I hope in future the developers will improve it’s graphic and take this game to the next level. I rate this game 4 out of 5 stars. I think if you guys and girls like to play wrestling type of games then¬†get on top unblocked¬†also will be your favorite and this game would be a perfect choice for you.

Give Up Robot Features and Game-Play

This game provides very amazing features. First of all I’ll discuss about the character which is a tiny little robot who stuck in a puzzle. This puzzle have 50 different levels and every level is difficult than the previous level. The robot is very cute and makes amazing noise.

There are many obstacles in every level and you have to move your robot intelligently through these obstacles. All you have is a grappling hook which is quite difficult to handle. Give it a try and do comment below about your progress. I cleared all the levels while I sacrificed my robot almost 70 times to clearing all the levels and puzzles.

Give Up Robot Controls

Controls for give up robot game is quite simple. You can use arrow keys to move left, right or jump and you can through your grappling hook by pressing “Z” key. You will get familiar with the controls when you played 2 or 3 levels.

give up robotIf you like this game then don’t forget to tell your friends about this game by sharing this website on your social profiles. Ask your friends to compete with you. Progress calculation is very easy, at the end of every 10th level game will automatically calculate speed of your robot and award you with points.

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